What do you worry about?


It is said you can’t prove a negative, but that is wrong. Sort of. You can’t ever really “prove” a positive either. You can, however, disprove a positive, which is what happened to the biblical god.  Positive claims were made, and they didn’t hold up to scrutiny.  Just don’t tell The Believers (they won’t listen anyway).

You can get closer and closer to the truth by testing claims against the reality.

I can’t prove there are no Tyrannosaurs lurking and waiting to eat me when I step out my front door, except by just walking outside, but experience, geology, and paleontology has shown me that it would be silly to worry about such a fate.

While I may not be able to prove there is nothing that might be called “god”, of some sort, somewhere in the Universe, experience and scrutiny (and comparing the claims made) has shown me that the god of the bible doesn’t exist and I would be silly to bend my life to conform to that possibility.  It would be a waste of your precious life to worry about his existence or wrath.

And, if there is a “god” of some sort out there beyond the limits of the speed of light, then I wouldn’t know how to behave to please him/it anyway (even if it perceived me in some way), so I might as well assume that not attacking others or stealing their property would make that being happier than chanting magic words.  And if it happens to be a fan of aggression or theft, then I wouldn’t want to make it happy no matter what.  Which is why the biblical god is revolting to me.

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