God’s plan


Peggeen here. I just read George Zimmerman’s comment that killing Trayvon Martin was “all God’s plan.”

I don’t know what happened that night or who provoked whom. I expect both young men made bad moves that brought on the confrontation, but I don’t know anything. And this post isn’t about Zimmerman or Martin.

It’s about that “plan.” And its contradictory counterpart, free will. Xtians are very fond of both. At the same time. Which is impossible.

On one hand, you’ve got an omnipotent, omnipresent diety who has every, single action in the entire world worked out in advance. He not only “has his eye on the sparrow,” but long before that sparrow was ever created he knew exactly when, where, why, and how he was going to off the poor birdie.

Ditto if your child dies in agony of some disease or gets carted off and dismembered by a psychopath: all god’s plan. Everything Hitler and Stalin did? God’s plan. War, famine, plague? God. The neighbor blasting his stereo at you at 3:00 a.m. God planned that. The way your creepy uncle picks his nose at the dinner table? Yep, designed and scheduled by god.

He may tweak the plan here and there in response to prayer. But if something happens, god planned it, right down to the last twitch of an eyelash.*

At the same time, the very people who assure us that everything that happens is planned by god, also insist that we all have free will. We choose — and are absolutely 100% responsible for — our every action.

Never mind that god planned our entire life and has presumably known for billions of years exactly what John Q. Public is going to be doing at 6:32 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19 and what Jolinkus X. Publicalli will be doing on a slow Saturday in the year 3017 in the New Republic of Romanexus.

To summarize: since everything is planned by god, we always use our free will to do exactly what god has planned for us to do. Then we’re responsible — not only for the normal consequences (like grossing out the relatives with all that nose-picking) — but also for various unthinkable cosmic consequences god will impose on Judgment Day.

I have tried many times to get xtians to explain how this works. But all I ever get is, “But of course we have free will! You wouldn’t want god to take away your free will, would you???”

I also ask why, if all our choices are exactly in accord with god’s pre-determined plan, god is so eager to punish us for those very choices. That query, too, goes nowhere. Xtians usually claim, against all biblical evidence, that god doesn’t want to punish us. He looooooves us. But we — like all people who fall into the clutches of abusers — “make him” do it.

I may have more on that subject of us “making god do things” another time. For sure, I’ll never run out of absurdities and contradictions to talk about.

— Peggeen

* I’ve always thought that a creator god — or for that matter even a bureaucratic bookkeeper god — must be stunningly bored, knowing in advance exactly what’s going to happen during every second of billions of years. Lord, that would be worse than watching endless re-runs of “The Flintstones.”

One Response to “God’s plan”

  1. justasqpeg Says:

    Speaking of a bored god… Have you ever read “God’s Debris”? If not: http://nowscape.com/godsdebris.pdf

    If god really had a plan, then his evil goes way back before the first human ever thought about stealing or attacking. Evil came into the universe the first time a living cell absorbed another living cell rather than making use of non-living matter. Everything since then has been mere details. That set the groundwork for what was to come. An omniscient and omnipotent god would have known this and could have chosen another path for life to take.

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