My new “job”: selling delusion


My family knows my thoughts and feelings on religion/Christianity. At least somewhat.

They do seem to sometimes forget.

Recently my dad came to me to ask for help on a project: setting up a website to sell a Christian product he had in mind.

I told him I would help him with the website and the other technical details, but that I was not comfortable with the “message” he was promoting and don’t want my name associated with it in any way.

He says he will not ask me to be seen with the product.

I have ended up making a small amount of money from this endeavor so far, which I find ironic. I tried repeatedly to refuse any payment for my services, even though I have put an awful lot of time and effort into helping him. Actually, I’ve done the vast majority of the work so far (he has put in the money)- to his specs.

I am a firm supporter of freedom of religion, even if your religion is silly. Which they all are. I step in to defend the right, to believe any bizarre thing you want to believe, on a regular basis- which gives some people the wrong idea about my personal beliefs. Just don’t try to impose your beliefs on others, and certainly don’t advocate, write, pass, or enforce laws based on your delusions and we’ll probably get along fine.

Anyway, how hilarious (if unlikely) would it be if I ended up actually making a useful amount of money from this? The thought of profiting from someone else’s superstition seems almost dishonest to me, but I really do try to tell people to open their eyes. And I would never try to force anyone to give up their beliefs- even if it would save their life. So if they like the product, and want to buy it, who am I to refuse?

I’ll not be linking to the website, though.

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