Christianizers everywhere!


Just got back home after a short trip.  Staying at a motel this morning I had a couple guys stop to compliment me on some stuff I was wearing.  They wanted to talk, so I talked a bit.  The conversation went well, until…

One of the guys asked “Are you a Christian?”  Great…

I said “I used to be”  …knowing full-well that Christians don’t believe in “used to be” Christianity.  Either you are forever or you never were.  But, I said that rather than the more sensible “I deconverted years ago“.

Anyway, they didn’t catch that one, but asked what happened.  So I told them the very short version, that the more I read and learned, the less I believed.  Then they wanted to know which version of the Bible I had been reading.  (Because, obviously, if your Christianity doesn’t stick, it can’t be that you came to your senses; it’s always that you didn’t read the translation of the Bible that the speaker prefers.)

So, I mentioned 2 translations I had read (KJV and NIV), but didn’t bother mentioning that I have also used the “Blue Letter Bible” where I can choose from a variety of translations (18, in fact); none any more truthful or reasonable than the others.

Then, of course, they said “lean not unto your own understanding...”  Yeah.  That’s the problem.  I’m not dumb enough.  I keep forgetting that.  I was just about to say that I always admire the craftiness of setting up a religion so that if people don’t fall for it you can say it’s their fault for relying on their brains- being too smart- but they changed the subject right then.

And I was glad.  I don’t have any desire to discuss or debate religion.  I honestly don’t want to destroy anyone’s faith, and I don’t want to make them angry when I don’t roll over and kiss their god’s butt.  Yes, I think it is probably harmful to believe in god, but I know how comforting it can be.  Like a drug.  Don’t rub it in my face and I won’t say anything to you about religion.  

The same goes for government.  Don’t want to hear my unpopular positions?  Then don’t bring up the subject.  Deal?

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