“You can’t prove my god isn’t real!”


Know something that is just pathetic?  When a Christian (or other brand of delusionoid) says:

“You say, ‘Prove your God is real’, and I say to you, ‘Prove He isn’t’.   We’re stuck, because neither of us can prove the other conclusively wrong.”

Wanna bet?

You describe/define/point to your god, and I will prove he is imaginary.

That’s the main problem when dealing with Christians.  Trying to nail down their god (ooo, a pun!) is nearly impossible because they will always try to claim that “well, that’s a misinterpretation- my God is X“.  Until you prove that their god X is not real, and then they alter him again.

The god of the Bible can be easily disproved by using only the Bible.  But almost no Christians will admit to worshiping “that god” as defined in the Bible.  Probably because even they recognize how horrible he is, and how easily he can be disproved.

(However, the burden of proof is NOT on the person who doubts extraordinary claims and the supposed existence of entire mystical realms; it is on those making such outlandish claims.)

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