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Christianizers everywhere!

June 24, 2012

Just got back home after a short trip.  Staying at a motel this morning I had a couple guys stop to compliment me on some stuff I was wearing.  They wanted to talk, so I talked a bit.  The conversation went well, until…

One of the guys asked “Are you a Christian?”  Great…

I said “I used to be”  …knowing full-well that Christians don’t believe in “used to be” Christianity.  Either you are forever or you never were.  But, I said that rather than the more sensible “I deconverted years ago“.

Anyway, they didn’t catch that one, but asked what happened.  So I told them the very short version, that the more I read and learned, the less I believed.  Then they wanted to know which version of the Bible I had been reading.  (Because, obviously, if your Christianity doesn’t stick, it can’t be that you came to your senses; it’s always that you didn’t read the translation of the Bible that the speaker prefers.)

So, I mentioned 2 translations I had read (KJV and NIV), but didn’t bother mentioning that I have also used the “Blue Letter Bible” where I can choose from a variety of translations (18, in fact); none any more truthful or reasonable than the others.

Then, of course, they said “lean not unto your own understanding...”  Yeah.  That’s the problem.  I’m not dumb enough.  I keep forgetting that.  I was just about to say that I always admire the craftiness of setting up a religion so that if people don’t fall for it you can say it’s their fault for relying on their brains- being too smart- but they changed the subject right then.

And I was glad.  I don’t have any desire to discuss or debate religion.  I honestly don’t want to destroy anyone’s faith, and I don’t want to make them angry when I don’t roll over and kiss their god’s butt.  Yes, I think it is probably harmful to believe in god, but I know how comforting it can be.  Like a drug.  Don’t rub it in my face and I won’t say anything to you about religion.  

The same goes for government.  Don’t want to hear my unpopular positions?  Then don’t bring up the subject.  Deal?

Kids and their curiosity about death

June 21, 2012

I can almost understand why people would lie to their children concerning religious things- especially when death enters the conversation..

My daughter, who will be 5 later in the summer, asks about death fairly often (I suspect because her mom uses a lot of death imagery when she bitches whines talks).  I’m not comfortable with death and I am certainly not comfortable discussing it with my daughter.  But I do.  As honestly as I can, and without displaying (I hope) any of my own discomfort.  She deserves my best effort.

It would be so much easier to say “Well, Honey, people die and go to Heaven where they are happy forever, and when you die you can see them all again.”  But, you and I both know that’s a lie.  A comforting lie, but still a lie.

I can also see why it would be so easy to say to a grieving kid “Scratchy is in Doggy Heaven now, lying in the warm sun with all the dirty underwear he can chew.  He’s happy.”

But I try to be honest with her now so she will know I will give the straight answers later.

So, instead of saying the easy thing, I answer any questions she may ask to the best of my ability and say “I don’t know” when I don’t know.  I have told her that she wasn’t alive before she was born, and that it wasn’t anything to be afraid of.  “It wasn’t scary and didn’t hurt then, did it?”  I suppose I can go into greater detail later when she asks for more details.

It’s still not a topic I enjoy, but I hope maybe my words now will get through later and bring some sort of comfort when needed.

“You can’t prove my god isn’t real!”

June 12, 2012

Know something that is just pathetic?  When a Christian (or other brand of delusionoid) says:

“You say, ‘Prove your God is real’, and I say to you, ‘Prove He isn’t’.   We’re stuck, because neither of us can prove the other conclusively wrong.”

Wanna bet?

You describe/define/point to your god, and I will prove he is imaginary.

That’s the main problem when dealing with Christians.  Trying to nail down their god (ooo, a pun!) is nearly impossible because they will always try to claim that “well, that’s a misinterpretation- my God is X“.  Until you prove that their god X is not real, and then they alter him again.

The god of the Bible can be easily disproved by using only the Bible.  But almost no Christians will admit to worshiping “that god” as defined in the Bible.  Probably because even they recognize how horrible he is, and how easily he can be disproved.

(However, the burden of proof is NOT on the person who doubts extraordinary claims and the supposed existence of entire mystical realms; it is on those making such outlandish claims.)

God equals government

June 5, 2012

It saddens me that, in general, atheists turn loose of their need to believe in a god, only to immediately substitute the state.  You are not being any smarter when you replace one god with another.  It is not rational.

I have heard them claim that the state, unlike god, really exists- you can see its effects all around you.  By that argument you could claim god really exists, too.  You can see churches and projects carried out in god’s name everywhere.  But god didn’t do it; people did.  And the state didn’t build those courthouses and jails; people did.  Evil, delusional people who believe in something unreal.  And kill unbelievers to prop up their god.  That is no better and no more rational.