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Rose-colored… pardon me, blacked out glasses

January 6, 2012

If you look at history or reality through religious eyes, you are already losing before you begin.  It’s like saying you will only consider history as it relates to the interaction of faeries.

That isn’t to say that religion/superstition/belief in faeries hasn’t had an impact, just that the impact they have had is a dead-end road.  It will show you how people (fail to) think; not the structure of the universe.



New Year

January 4, 2012

I pick on the silliness of the Christians for trying to take over the Winter solstice holiday as their own, but that’s not the only silliness out there.

The “New Year” is another winter solstice event that has drifted from the original, and more logical, date.

I think I may start ignoring all the stupidity and just celebrate the solstice and make it the beginning of my new year too.

Wouldn’t that make more sense? Move January 1st to the Winter Solstice, and have a week-long party every year at this time.

I’m in!