“It’s a MIRACLE!”


When you drop a ball, do you consider it a miracle when , after falling halfway to the ground, it continues to fall until it reaches the ground?


Well, that is exactly the sort of things people rave over as “miraculous”.

Things like “the miracle of birth” are simply normal, natural events that were already in motion continuing on.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t sometimes wonderful.  It just means no supernatural intervention is necessary to explain them.

In fact supernatural intervention would be suspected if some of these natural events didn’t occur.  At least, suspected by those who believe in a supernatural realm.  If I dropped a ball and it only fell half way to the ground, then stopped in mid-air, I would suspect trickery or a natural phenomenon that I couldn’t see, and I would investigate.  I wouldn’t think “god did it”.

And this is how knowledge is gained.  Supernatural thinking leads to the death of the mind.

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