Insane, evil, parenting


Let’s say you are a parent with a bunch of kids. Your first-born eventually disagrees with the way you run the family, and some of his younger siblings agree with him. So, you kick them all out of the house and throw them all in a snake pit you dug especially for that purpose. But, you let them sneak out from time to time to talk to the youngest siblings who are still undecided. Most of those end up siding with the oldest brother, because, let’s face it, you are insane and everyone who is rational can see that. So all those in the youngest group who don’t agree with you 100% you end up throwing in the snake pit, where they can never leave. Eventually you make sure all those who disagree with you, the oldest kid, his original supporters and most of the younger kids (who were born long after the original schism occurred) are sealed into the pit forever.

As a parent you would be a failure. And evil. That doesn’t mean your oldest son is necessarily a good guy; he is probably just as bad as you, since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But you certainly have no claim to being the definition of “good”.

Such it is with the Christian notion of “God”. If he actually existed, and behaved as the Bible says he did, he would be a much better depiction of evil than of good. He would be an insanely abusive parent, worthy of scorn and derision. Not worthy of worship or veneration. Unless you are just as evil as he is.

It is much better to realize it is all a poorly written fairy tale, not anything close to reality.

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