Babies ARE atheists!


I just saw a Youtube video where someone was offended by the suggestion that babies are atheists.

Guess what- babies don’t believe in anything they don’t see.  They don’t believe in god, dinosaurs, the Earth’s core, air, or anything else that is not in front of their eyes and visible.  They don’t believe in cows until they see one.  It is so obvious that babies need to be told of and/or shown these things in order to start to believe in them that I can’t believe anyone would suppose otherwise.

I have seen firsthand a child raised without reference to supernatural beings.  That child never asks about “god” and never assumes there is something supernatural that is being hidden from its knowledge.  And that child doesn’t need to be scared by divine oversight into behaving well.

I consider it abuse to contaminate your child’s mind with delusions about the existence of imaginary things- especially when you tell them that the imaginary thing demands they live a certain way or else.

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