Imagine there’s a Heaven, a Hell down below… or not.


Heaven- Imaginary place where religious people say those dead people they liked are now existing.  This way they don’t have to face the reality that those people are dead.

Hell- Imaginary place where religious people like to imagine those who didn’t belong to their particular religion existing after death.  This way they can get off on imagining those being people tortured for eternity for not following the imaginer’s particular religion.  It is religious revenge and hatred disguised as “God’s will”.

Reality- The opposite of both the above.  Dead is dead.  It is not Heaven, Hell, or wandering the Earth as a ghost, or drifting through space and time.  It is not “blackness”- it is the absence of any form of existence at all.  It is less than nothingness.  It is what you were not experiencing a billion years before you were born.  You have been dead before- for countless years since the Big Bang popped our Universe into existence, until you were born- and after you die it will be exactly the same for you as when you didn’t exist before.  It is a Nothing that is even devoid of nothingness.

Sorry for the dose of reality if you were counting on an afterlife.

There is an upside.  Your atoms, the very building blocks that make up your body right this minute, were formed in stars unbelievable lightyears distant, unimaginably long ago. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”… parts of you were there.  They were scattered to the Universe when those stars died and exploded.  You were a part of many, many stars eons ago.  Your atoms will continue to be reused for trillions of years to come even though you won’t know it.  That’s kind of awesome.

The grandest, most Glorious religious ideas become small and dim by comparison to reality.  They and their god pale by comparison.  And delusional people prefer that insignificant view?  I just don’t get it.

One Response to “Imagine there’s a Heaven, a Hell down below… or not.”

  1. Zelig Skykiller Says:

    me. neither.

    but i love this bit of truth and hope the delusionoids figure it out. eventually.

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