Proving a negative- God does NOT exist


A few weeks ago I commented on a blog (where the writer had said something stupidly religious) that God has been satisfactorily disproven.  The writer of the blog went ballistic.

He said you can’t prove a negative.  That’s ridiculous.  Of course you can.

I can prove to you, if you are with me, that I don’t have a 25 ton, fluorescent orange, Tyrannosaurus rex in my hip pocket- and if you are here you could also prove I don’t have one there if I claimed I did.  Using logic and reality you can also prove I don’t have one in my hip pocket without even being here and looking.

The same goes for God- at least the Biblical God.

You may believe that invisible fairies paint and change the picture on your TV screen, but I can show you a better explanation.  One that uses the known laws of the Universe and doesn’t rely on a realm that violates those known laws.  This combination proves that the fairies aren’t responsible for your TV picture.

The same goes for the Biblical God.

Ask a Christian (or Muslim or ???) to prove Zeus doesn’t exist.  I’m sure he could do it pretty well even without relying on the existence of his own version of God.

The same goes for the Biblical God.

Using the description of God given in the Bible you can prove that God’s existence is impossible and self-contradictory.  Plus there is the added advantage that by actually reading the Bible you can show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is wrong on many different things it says.  Bats are not birds and the earth is not a circle, but a sphere.  The Bible gets reality wrong and one of those things it gets wrong, and that has been proved, is the existence of the God it describes.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there might not be some creature somewhere in the Universe whose advanced technology would make people who are ignorant of that creature and his technology mistake him for a god, but the supernatural does not exist by definition.  Nothing real is “beyond nature” since that would mean it is beyond reality- fictional.  Just because you don’t yet understand it does not make it supernatural.

God does not exist and there is plenty of proof.  Accept it.

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