Religious books- what a waste!


There are a lot of books that are a waste of paper. I’m not talking about fiction that I’m not interested in, or books about celebrities. Although those about celebrities are very ridiculous and sad.

I was in a thrift store looking at books, as I like to do, and noticed that a large percentage were religious in nature. Not just the Bible or people telling their own (fantasies) about what such-and-such religion has meant for them. No, much worse.

The books I’m talking about dealt with every aspect imaginable of an imaginary realm in tiny detail. Applying imagined “principles” to every aspect of a person’s life. What God thinks about this or that. How God wants you to deal with particular “issues” in your life. What God has to say to the teenager/divorced person/dying.

That’s like UFO books telling you what the occupants eat for breakfast the day after they mate, how their eyes work in the darkness of space (on Thursdays), and what sorts of rivets hold their fur-covered chairs to the green, liquid plutonium floor- in exact detail– without even having any proof that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even anything other than misinterpretations of known phenomena or psychological issues.

It would be fine if the books were classified as fiction (which they are), but people live and die by the words in these books and that is extremely tragic.

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