Happy (extremely late) pagan vernal equinox celebration


A religion is dangerous in proportion to how much political power it has.

Political power is always very dangerous because no one is perfect.

Religions are always dangerous because they are a choice to ignore reality for superstitions that make you feel good or “chosen”.

When you combine the two- look out!

When Christianity began it had no political power and was not very dangerous (beyond the basic denial of reality). Then it gained political power and The Inquisition happened. Now it has lost most of its former political power and is fairly harmless again, but less so in the US than in most other places.

Islam is most dangerous where it has political power. That’s why Christianity is more dangerous to the average American at home than Islam is.

Both religion and political power should be ridiculed and eliminated whenever possible.  And any attempts to combine the two should be seen as a warning that your life is in grave danger.

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