The excuse bullies love


A while back there was this kid at the park; I heard him mention that he was five years old.  I was the only “adult” around and was letting my daughter play with the other kids. 

Anyway, back to the kid who is the subject… He took a leak right in front of everyone.  I’m not squeamish about bodily functions or anything, but it did get my attention.  A little later he started throwing rocks at the other kids and I told him to stop.  He was beligerent and rather nasty about the whole thing, but he saw that I was not going to stand by and let him hurt the other kids, so he took out his aggression on a concrete block.  Lifting and dropping it until it broke.  Then he took a piece of that and acted like he might throw it at some kids, but he noticed me watching and stopped.  Instead he went to a tree and started hacking at it with his chunk of concrete.  I said it wasn’t right to try to damage other peoples’ property. 

His response: “God told me to.”

I probably should have kept my mouth shut but I said “God isn’t real.  You are delusional.” 

I know, he probably has no clue what “delusional” means.  But he did stop.  Maybe he told his parents.  This town is going to lynch me someday.

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