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Creationism shows ignorance or willful deception

October 24, 2010

Look, all you anti-science types out there.  Your creationist excuses are missing the mark.  If you don’t want to sound completely idiotic you need to understand a few things.  I’ll only go into a couple here, but it brings up the point that your arguments only work with people who are science illiterates.

       #1- Evolution has nothing to do with the speculations on the origin of life.  NOTHING!  No one knows how life began, although there are ideas and hunches.  Evolution is what happened after that point (or points).  So making an issue of the competing ideas about how life began is not “refuting evolution”.  It is “looking like a moron”. It is “demonstrating your ignorance”.  OK?

       #2- Monkeys and keyboards.  Yes, I know you love to harp on how unlikely it would be for monkeys to produce “Macbeth” (or whatever) by randomly typing on a keyboard.  You are demonstrating your ignorance in several ways here.  Again

First of all, you have a set “goal” for your semi-trained monkeys.  Evolution is not about goals, it is about what works.  

Second, you are forgetting (or unaware) that the evolutionary process SAVES the letters that work (which is why the play analogy fails).  That’s right.  When monkeys hit the “right” key, that letter gets saved for the next attempt.  Each “correct” letter makes the play slightly better at surviving than the plays that are not fortunate enough to have that letter.  (This is a drastic oversimplification, but YOU creationists are the ones who keep bringing this up and trying to make it fit into your artificially brief time span.) 

Nature is like the editor looking over each draft and saving the words that are produced in the confusion and saving them for the next draft.  Then, the randomly produced individual words can be “randomly” placed (which isn’t really random at all, since nature is producing conditions that affect the placement, but we’ll ignore that for now) into a draft and “selected” for phrases that make sense.  And so on. 

A single bit of “rightness” is enough to bring some advantage and be reproduced.  An eye doesn’t need to be a complete eye to give an advantage over total blindness.  Just a bit of photosensitivity is better than nothing, and then a slight modification (a dent) that lets the eyespot “know” which direction the light is coming from gives a little more advantage, and a lens to focus that light gives a little more, etc.  So the pathetic claim that a “half an eye is useless” or a “half a wing is not useful” is complete BS. 

You’re welcome.

Looking for a frisky friend!

October 23, 2010

I saw a quote in a Dilbert comic strip a couple of days ago that I LOVE: “I have an opening for a frisky friend with low standards“.  Yeah!

OK, maybe the low standards aren’t essential, but they can’t hurt.

So, if you are female, frisky, and “easy“, I have an opening in my social life that would be just perfect for you.  Race, body type, and other things don’t matter much to me.  Proximity would be nice, though.  Take a chance and get in touch with me.

The excuse bullies love

October 23, 2010

A while back there was this kid at the park; I heard him mention that he was five years old.  I was the only “adult” around and was letting my daughter play with the other kids. 

Anyway, back to the kid who is the subject… He took a leak right in front of everyone.  I’m not squeamish about bodily functions or anything, but it did get my attention.  A little later he started throwing rocks at the other kids and I told him to stop.  He was beligerent and rather nasty about the whole thing, but he saw that I was not going to stand by and let him hurt the other kids, so he took out his aggression on a concrete block.  Lifting and dropping it until it broke.  Then he took a piece of that and acted like he might throw it at some kids, but he noticed me watching and stopped.  Instead he went to a tree and started hacking at it with his chunk of concrete.  I said it wasn’t right to try to damage other peoples’ property. 

His response: “God told me to.”

I probably should have kept my mouth shut but I said “God isn’t real.  You are delusional.” 

I know, he probably has no clue what “delusional” means.  But he did stop.  Maybe he told his parents.  This town is going to lynch me someday.

Authoritarian oxymorons

October 23, 2010

Biblical truth

Army strong

necessary evil

good cops

fair tax

government accountability