Plastic Lazarus pigs


I was at a playground with my daughter yesterday.  Some kid handed me a little plastic pig they had found and in handling it, I dropped it. 

I picked it up and said “Oops, the pig is dead” as I held it in my hand with its little feet sticking up in the air. 

A little girl of about 6 said “Jesus can make dead pigs alive again”. 

I just looked at her and said “Yeah?  Just hold onto that thought.”

Sad what lies some parents feed their kids.  Sad.  Bordering on abuse.  What happens the first time a pet (or person) the little girl loves dies and she expects Jesus to bring it back to life?  Since I can already know with absolute certainty that Jesus will not bring it back to life, I know they will have to modify the lie in order to keep her fooled and “believing”.  Sad. Cruel.  Reality is so much better, even if it isn’t always what you want to hear.

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