Death always happens NOW


I remember when I suddenly had the horrible realization that one day I would die.  Not only that, but it would be a moment just as real, just as “now” as the moment I am living in as I write this right now

I was a young teenager and the thought struck me as I lay in bed one night.  I have always had insomnia to some extent, and this didn’t help.  I suddenly was horrified to know I would cease to exist.  I would DIE.  I would return to nothingness just as I had come from.  Just as blank and empty- but an emptiness that is completely void of any experience of the emptiness.  Absolute nothingness.  I would be gone- never knowing what happened the next moment or day or centuries after I was dead.

What cruelty to possess a mind that can comprehend its own demise.

It still gives me fits sometimes late at night when I am not sleeping anyway.  I suspect this is why ancient people invented religions and wishes of an afterlife.

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