Nostradamus has nothing on ME!


Could it be possible that Nostradamus and other “prophets” of the past could really “see” the future, and for some reason have focused on our current times, just for our benefit, instead of hundreds or thousands of years from now?  Or is it more likely that history keeps repeating because people keep making the same stupid mistakes every few generations? 

That would mean you could make a “prediction” based on the stupid government actions you see acted out today, make the “prediction” nicely obscure and make up nonsense names to be untangled later, and you’d seem like some kind of psychic genius hundreds of years later.

I think I’ll try it, even though this blog post will not survive the centuries-

“The Man who may be of the volcano stands over the golden horses, waves his hand over the lands of Earth.  And the children sing and starve.”

Or, how about a completely nonsensical one:

“From the darkness of the egg, in the year of the Seven Songs, will come one clothed in foaming cloth, to pass the scepter to the dead of a thousand mirrors.” 

Just watch, if anyone could read this in 500 years, it would “fit” something.

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