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Defective Culture

July 19, 2009

Our culture has declined to the point that we celebrate and elevate the defective.

People with severe mental handicaps are proclaimed to be a “gift from god”. 

Soldiers are honored (and if killed– deified) for going to other countries and killing people who are only trying to defend their homes. 

Cops are treated as “better than” when they are actually one of the most depraved signs of a failed society.

Celebrities with bizarre personality disorders are watched with awe to see what they will do next.

Why not celebrate the truly worthy?  I am not saying anyone should look down upon people who are broken through no fault of their own, but let’s face the facts.  Defects – either physical, mental, moral, or psychological- don’t deserve to be worshipped.  They are a tragedy.

The Religious Socialists

July 18, 2009

There’s this disgusting religious group in Texas that goes by the name “Free Market Foundation”.  They claim to be advocating “free markets”, but they are lying.  They are advocating government intervention in order to promote their version of what their imaginary friend, the “loving” Sky Bully, told them to impose on everyone else.  That is NOT “free market”; that is socialism. 

They embody everything I despise.  They are religiously delusional and think it is their job to force the laws to impose their beliefs on everyone else (so that Sky Bully won’t rain fire and brimstone and AIDS on us all, I suppose).  They are also enthusiastic users of government to force change.  Just like Obamabots.  Positively disgusting however you slice it.