I’m feeling very sad over a death… someone I didn’t even know.   I never even met her.  But she worked with PHB and called and texted her all the time.  The girl called PHB her “mom” at work.

She was 18 and died Thursday with her boyfriend in a car crash as they were returning from a road trip.  The funeral is going on as I write this.  Closed casket.

PHB told her to be careful on her trip, and texted frequently to check up on her.  As much as I dislike PHB, I know she cared for this girl.  She was excited that the girl was going to be back at work Friday morning…. then got to work and saw the note about her death.

One thing that haunts me is that the day before she died, she posted one of those quizzes on her MySpace page.  One question was “when was the last time you cried?” and her response was “when (b/f) drove really fast around a curve to scare me.”  She posted this while she was on her trip.  That raises questions in my mind.

I feel stupid for feeling so sad.  Do I even have a right to feel this way?  I didn’t know her.  Death sucks; young death sucks to infinity.

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