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My Perfect World

January 26, 2009

I have occasionally read things about downloading your consciousness into a computer before you die, and living forever in a simulated world. 

Hmmm. Sounds interesting.  If I were at the end of my life, I would consider it.  I’d rather live out my normal life span first.

It got me thinking about what kind of world I would design if I were programming a perfect world for myself.  After all, this isn’t the sort of thing that can be rushed.  If this is possible, I need to be planning for it.

I would keep all the normal physical laws intact.  I don’t want things to act oddly.  I might give myself the ability to overrule those laws from time to time.  Like a superhero or something.

There would be no religion, of course.  If any of the simulated people in my universe want to have imaginary imaginary friends, who cares as long as they don’t inflict them on me.

Everyone would live by the Zero Aggression Principle (look it up).  There would be no need for government (or other “laws”) of any kind.

No allergens would exist. 

Food would be good, but unnecessary. 

I would live in a different place whenever I wanted to.  I’d like to have a mansion (like a haunted house, maybe), a cave, maybe a tipi, and a “Gilligan’s Island” sort of spot.  But mostly, I would have a nice cabin in the wilderness.  Just me and my girls.

Oh, yeah.  I would program a simulation of  “the love of my life” to be with me always, but I would also have a couple of other regular girls sharing my life.  And they would never be jealous.

I’m sure there would be other things I would program into my Perfect World.  Maybe I’ll have more thoughts on this later.