Not Attractive Enough to be Mean


I have known a lot of girls who were not considered attractive.  Most of them were absolutely wonderful.  They were happy and friendly.  Their looks were so unimportant as to be a non-issue.  In fact, the better I got to know these girls, the more beautiful I found them. 

I’m not saying attractive girls aren’t nice, because most of them are.  Because, really, looks have little or nothing to do with attitude.

It’s just that when you run across a girl who isn’t attractive who also has a really nasty personality, it is a really unfortunate combination.    You just want to say “Hey, you should really try to be nicer.  You aren’t attractive enough to be this mean to people.”  I guess that would be mean, too, but someone needs to tell them.

The really sad thing is, that is who I am stuck with.

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