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November 22, 2008

I really am craving the touch of a woman.  I need to feel, smell, taste, and see a girl beside me.  The thought of going the rest of my life without having this is driving me mad. 

Yet, the only thing holding me back is my commitment to my baby daughter.  If I allow myself the freedom to enjoy life, the evil harpy that is her mother will take her from me. 

This is how resentment and hatred grows, women.  Keeping a man prisoner does not cause him to love you.  I act civil because to let my true feelings show would hurt me and the baby.  But don’t pretend that your control over me doesn’t cause me to despise you.

Defending Christianity?

November 13, 2008

I hear people defend Christianity by claiming that Christianity is fine, it is just that Christians don’t “live up” to it.  I think the opposite is more factual.  Most Christians are OK people precisely because they ignore Christianity in their daily lives.  If they didn’t, the results would be too awful to think about!  Just look at the few who really make an issue of following Christianity and its horrific edicts.  They are the ones who the other Christians say give the religion a “bad name”.

Sad Little People

November 7, 2008

At their core, all Christian arguments for the existence of God come down to the fact that they simply can’t imagine anything else.  Just listen to them.  It’s really pretty pathetic.  Watch the other videos in that series as well for an entertaining and educational time.

Obama: The End of American Liberty

November 6, 2008

Republicans did this to themselves.  By spitting on gun owners and by letting the religious right tell them what to pretend to care about they gave rationalpeople no one to vote for.  By nominating a hideous communist (McCain) as their candidate, they gave no real alternative to the hideous communist of the Democrats (Obama).

Maybe they learned a lesson and will turn back to the path of small, weak, government and separation of church and state, and turn away from socialism.  Otherwise they will cease to exist as a party.  Good riddance in that case.

If they didn’t learn a lesson, maybe the Libertarian Party will fill the void …. IF they can recover from the stupid fumble of nominating a Republican as their pres candidate.  If not, there is always the Boston Tea Party.

Poisoning A Relationship in One Easy Sentence

November 6, 2008

Hey women, want to utterly destroy your relationship?  Then say “we/you need to work on our relationship” and you will have injected deadly poison directly into the artery of your relationship.

Why don’t women realize this?

Not Attractive Enough to be Mean

November 1, 2008

I have known a lot of girls who were not considered attractive.  Most of them were absolutely wonderful.  They were happy and friendly.  Their looks were so unimportant as to be a non-issue.  In fact, the better I got to know these girls, the more beautiful I found them. 

I’m not saying attractive girls aren’t nice, because most of them are.  Because, really, looks have little or nothing to do with attitude.

It’s just that when you run across a girl who isn’t attractive who also has a really nasty personality, it is a really unfortunate combination.    You just want to say “Hey, you should really try to be nicer.  You aren’t attractive enough to be this mean to people.”  I guess that would be mean, too, but someone needs to tell them.

The really sad thing is, that is who I am stuck with.