Hateful “Women”


I was sitting in a fast food restaurant today and overheard some women chatting.  I didn’t hear what was said before this part, so I don’t know what led them to start on this subject, but they were discussing other women.

Anyway, the women were sitting behind me so I hadn’t seen them.  The one started complaining about women who wear clothes that reveal “too much”.  She said she calls them “Homewreckers, because that is all they are.”

She said “that is why women in bars dress like that.  They are throwing their lives away.” Then she started bragging “I told my husband that if he wants to drink, he can stay home and drink.  That way if he passes out, he is already home!”  I also heard the “unsaid” bit: and that way he won’t be around those homewreckers!

At this point, I got curious about what this woman looked like, so I sneaked a peek.  Yep.  Ugly as the south end of a northbound warthog.

Here’s a suggestion, woman. If you don’t want your husband looking at other women, make an effort to look like a female.  Stop hating attractive women.  It is not their “fault” that they are atttractive; they work at it.  Any woman can look unattractive if they try.  Haven’t you ever seen any of those “ugly duckling” movies where the heroine suddenly blossoms and all they guys notice her for the first time?  Well, it is possible for anyone to look better or worse, depending on how they dress, take care of themselves, and how they feel inside.  Stop blaming other women for your shortcomings and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.

Guys will look at attractive women.  You can fight it.  You can deny it.  You can hate it.  But you can not change it without killing your man.  Embrace it and USE it to your advantage.  It will make your life better and make your guy happier.  Jealousy helps no one and makes you look like a controlling fool.

One Response to “Hateful “Women””

  1. c h a Says:

    you know, you should be a writer.
    very good entry. 🙂 these women should really stop wasting their time hating other women but loving themselves more. if the husband wants to leave them for the homewreckers, the man is not worth keeping. 🙂

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