Yet Another Reason to be an Atheist


One of my sisters is a lesbian.  My parents are conservative Christian/ religious right.  My sister has not had any contact with my parents for several years after a less than enthusiastic response to coming out.  She talks to me sporadically regardless.
Anyway, a couple nights ago she decided to call them.  I know part of the reason is that she is in real financial trouble and is looking for some help.  About a year ago she and her g/f bought a house in the Los Angeles area.  You can imagine the price of a house there.  Anyway, two weeks after they closed on it, she lost her job of 5 years.  She had worked at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, which caused my parents much grief.  She has been working temp jobs since then, but doesn’t speak spanish and has been passed over for jobs because of that.  They are getting behind on the house payments and are in danger of forclosure.
She told my mom all this during their 2 hour conversation.
So the next day my mom was talking on the phone to my other religious extremist sister and mentioned that she had been praying that God would get the other sister out of that job, and she was glad that her prayers had been answered a year ago without her knowing.  I was livid, but held my tongue.  How can anyone think that anything other than an evil deity would answer a prayer that would harm an innocent person so badly?  I am still pissed.  And people wonder why I am an atheist.

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