Obama, McCain, and Religion


OK people.  This is ridiculous.  Worrying about a candidate’s religion is about as pointless as worrying about what color unicorn he prefers.  At least unicorns could probably be genetically created by humans, though.

Obama has a “muslim name”?  I wasn’t aware that a person’s name trapped them into a particular god-delusion.  Don’t get me wrong: I despise Obama.  But for GOOD reasons.

Face the facts: Both halves of the OBAMcCAIN* creature are most likely atheists.  They only pretend to worry about the color of their unicorns to please the superstitious voters who don’t care about, or can’t understand, real issues.

The real issue: both halves of the OBAMcCAIN beast are evil, in that their actions harm innocent people.  Both halves advocate theft (they call it “taxation”).  Both halves advocate invading other countries with military forces.  Both halves think it is a good idea to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  Both halves are shying away from saying that government caused this financial meltdown; more government is the last thing that would solve it.  (Get the stupid government out of the way and let the FREE MARKET fix the mess.  It might be painful, but unlike the stupid government plan, it will WORK!)  They are both socialists who believe that society is more important than the individual; ignoring the simple fact that society is made up of individuals.  Hurt them and you harm society.  Once again making them evil.

Voting for OBAMcCAIN is, at best, a pointless waste of your vote.  At worst, it is about the same as voting for Hitler: you, THE VOTER, will share some of the responsibility for the disaster to come.  DON’T DO IT!!!!!

Back to the original subject, no one who truly believes in the supernatural is rational enough to run his own life, much less mine.  Or yours.  So stop forcing them to pretend to believe and start asking them the hard questions on matters of reality.  Discover their socialism, if you dare!


*Yes, I swiped this name

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