I Wanted Her SO BAD!


Today I went to the gas station to help my dad fill the RV.  There was a girl filling her pick-up truck.  O M G!

Cute cowgirl!  She was roping the trash can while she waited.  Her boots had colorful tops.  (No hat though.  What a shame.) 

I wanted to go over and talk to her SO BAD!  She saw me looking at her and kept doing things that seemed calculated to get my attention.  But my dad was there.  I couldn’t go talk to her without him noticing and wondering why.  I mean, did he SEE her?  What other reason would I need?

So, I originally said that I hope no one ever reads this blog, but now I modify that wish slightly.  Now I wish she would somehow find this and write me.  I’d like to meet her!

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