The Bible as DNA


Just as our physical form comes from our DNA, and more importantly, which DNA is activated, so does the moral form of those who “believe in the Bible” come from which parts of the Bible they choose to “activate”, or that their culture has activated, in their minds.

Most modern Christians (and Jews) don’t “activate” the pro-slavery parts of the Bible. Slave owners are instructed by the Bible how (and how severely) to beat their slaves.  Parents are even given rules for selling their children into slavery.  Only a “pro-slavery God” would worry about making up rules like that.  But don’t worry, slavery can be “kind”: young virgin girls will be spared from certain death if their village is sacked because they can be taken as sex-slaves by God’s warriors.  Isn’t that nice.

Nor do Christians follow Deuteronomy 22:28-29 which insists that a rapist must marry his victim in order to “clean” himself, and must stay with her for the rest of his life.  Who does that really punish?

The Bible gives a long list of people Christians are required to kill: homosexuals, disobedient children, adulterers, people who go to work on Sunday, etc.  God orders his followers to kill the completely innocent babies of their enemies several places in the Old Testament. “Evil” is the act of harming an innocent person.  God is acting for evil in these verses.

The claim that “that is just the Old Testament” falls flat since the Bible says that God is perfect and never-changing.  Plus, the New Testament doesn’t repudiate those evil passages.  Slavery is still accepted by everyone in the New Testament, including Jesus.  (Never mind that the OT and the NT are obviously talking about completely different “Gods”.)

The different denominations and cults arise because of different mutations that activate different parts of the Biblical DNA.  Those involved can’t see this truth, but those outside the box can see it clearly. 

I suppose our civilization is lucky that most of the Bible is “junk DNA” that is no longer active.  We couldn’t survive a real Bible believing culture. 

So while Christians demonize Islam for its evil followers, they would be just as bad if they actually followed the entire Bible as if they believed it.  All religions are equally horrific if taken too seriously.  Even if taken lightly, they are harmful since they are based upon lies and deception and the myths of barbaric bronze-age sheep herders.  The truth is SO MUCH BETTER!


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