PPG’s New Job


Tomorrow “Psychotic Pseudo Girlfriend” starts her new job.  She hasn’t actually had a job in a while; we have been living on her rental checks.  They may be ending soon.

I haven’t had a job since she talked me into quitting mine two and a half years ago.  She kept trying to convince me I didn’t need a job since she was rich, and getting her payoff soon.  She was selling her car dealership (which I was never allowed to visit during business hours) and getting $75 million in the deal.  She had just gotten a check from an estate settlement and said we could live off of that until she got “her money”.  I suggested we put the money back since it was enough to make a nice down-payment on a house.  She got insulted and said I didn’t act like I believed she was telling the truth.  So, after months of her whining, I finally gave in and quit my job.  Of course, 6 months later I found out she was lying about everything. 

Now I feel like I should make her support me because she has never had to pay the consequences of her lies.

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