Her Obsession With “Cheating”


My psychotic pseudo-girlfriend sees everything as a “cheating” situation.  The worst crime, in her delusional mind, is for someone to get into a new relationship too soon after the previous one ends. 

If a spouse dies, she thinks you should be alone for a long time; probably until she gives her permission for you to move on.  If you break up with a b/f or g/f, you must be alone until SHE decides it is OK for you to be with someone new.  Otherwise you are cheating on the other person.  Believe me, I have heard her putting down lots of people for exactly these reasons.

(I think a big part of the reason is that when I discovered the first batch of her lies, I left her.  She was absolutely terrified that I might hook up with someone before she could blackmail me back to her.  Even after she had done that, she still obsessed about “are you sure you didn’t cheat on me while you were gone?”  Sorry, Skank, but it is not possible to cheat on an ex even if you wanted to.  “Ex” means you are no longer together and you are free to do whatever, with whoever.  And it CAN NOT BE CALLED “CHEATING” by any rational person.)

Of course, if she does the same thing, it is because she had a reason. 

If you are on the internet it is just to “hook up” with someone.  “Computers are nothing but trouble!”  Never mind that she met a guy and left her husband for him.  That was different you see: they didn’t really have a marriage.  BS.

She worries and stresses over everyone else’s relationships.  Probably because she spends so much time trying to sabotage any chance of ever having a real one of her own.

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