I Opened my Mouth Today


Today, the Psycho Hose Beast pseudo-girlfriend (hereafter known as “PHB”) wanted a ride to work, as always.  Instead of nicely announcing she was ready to go, she blurted “Are you coming?”.  She was angry, as always, that I was online.  She is terrified I am looking for women and might meet someone better.

So, on the way to work, I told her I do not appreciate being spoken to that way.  I also mentioned that I didn’t appreciate being attacked when I suggested she is frequently too rough with our daughter.  (While playing, she will grab her arms and jerk them.  I have pointed this out previously, but only gotten a “So now you are saying I am not a good mom?” response.)

Then I also said that while I was talking, I would like to say that I want a sex-life again.  I am tired of taking matters into my own hands, as it were.  A couple of times a week, without asking, begging, or otherwise setting myself up for the fall.  I told her the ball is in her court now.  At least now when I DO “cheat” on her I will have a conversation to point back to.  Though she will pretend to be shocked and not understand why it happened.

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