I call myself “The Squarest Peg” in this blog for good reason.

I have come to suspect that there is nowhere I can fit in.  Whether it is religion (you think Christians are discriminated against?  Try telling people you are an atheist!) or society in general, I am The Squarest Peg.

I have strong polyamorous tendencies: I can love and/or be deeply in love with more than one person at a time.  Yet, everyone else seems to call this “cheating”.  I didn’t decide to be this way in order to hurt people, but pretending I am not this way hurts me.  And it makes me really angry to need to pretend to think monogamy is “right”.  For me, it is not.  This goes two ways.  I would never deny a girlfriend the opportunity to try out new experiences with other people. I don’t mind sharing; I just don’t want to miss out.  Jealousy is a foreign emotion to me.  I have been told this means I have no self-respect.  Whatever.

I tried to “keep the faith” in my family’s religion, but no matter what, I couldn’t.  Things did not add up.  The “God” of the old testament is not even the same “God” as the one in the New Testament.  That should be obvious.  The Bible is like a genetic code: there is a lot of “junk DNA” in there that is ignored by most people.  Things like recomendations to sell your daughters into slavery, and setting the acceptible price; ordering rape victims to marry their attackers if they want to be “clean” again; demanding the brutal murders of gays, disobedient children, and your enemies babies.  What “the mainstream” refers to as “cults” arise when someone notices and activates some of this junk DNA.  All religions are equally bad.  I don’t trust anyone who has imaginary friends.

By the same token, governments are ridiculous.  They take the worst thugs and give them authority to mold society to their whims, and punish, imprison, kill, or kidnap their opponents.  Elections are held to legitimize the decisions that have already been forced upon us.  Democracy is mob rule.  Socialism is theft.  Self government is the only ethical solution, but it is forbidden.  Don’t vote; it only encourages them.

I like stuff that is seen as odd.  Keep reading and I’m sure you will see more.

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