Today I was “Mean”


The girlfriend was treating me like a child today.  Constantly putting me down and acting like I am a moron.  She was insulting me with every sentence.  So, I finally told her to drop the attitude.  Wow.  Of course, her attitude got worse really quick. 

Later, she said “We don’t even get along anymore.”  Huh?  We never got along except in her delusions.  At least, not after I found out she was a pathological liar.

Ya know, I put up with a lot from her.  Much more than I have ever put up with from anyone else.  Yet, the more I let her do to me, the more she thinks she CAN do.  I would rather be nice than have to put my foot down, but I am really tired of being treated like this. 

If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t want her to take our daughter away, I would tell her to go ahead and leave.  I know she will eventually anyway.  She will just try to kill me first, with stress.

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