The Love of My Life


There is a girl, the love of my life, who I think about all the time.  I lost her on December 19, 2003.  I watched her drive away through my tears.

She left and married someone whom I thought was a friend.  Have you heard the song “Do You Believe Me Now?”?  Well, that describes my feelings, but instead of him holding her “way across town”, they are halfway across the country. 

If she were really happy, I could be content, even without her, but she is not.  He is mean to her and doesn’t help with the baby or the housework.  He insults her frequently and has a violent temper.  Knowing this just about kills me.

It doesn’t help that I am in a “relationship” with the worst enemy I have ever had.  Someone who will be the subject of another post soon. 

I have always believed that this girl and I would end up together someday.  I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without her.  But my faith is crumbling.  I don’t think she will ever move away from her local area again, even if she gets the nerve to leave her husband, and I won’t move back there…. so, here we are.

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